The Democratic Party is the oldest political party in the world…because from the time of Jefferson to the present day, the Democratic Party has been realistic enough to recognize the kinds of problems which are coming over the horizon in the years ahead and has had programs and policies to meet them.     

-President John F. Kennedy


We are proud Democrats who believe that the Democratic Party represents the best ideas to improve the daily life of every American citizen and Common Good of the entire nation.  As stated in our By-Laws, we have 3 main objectives: 

  • to further the principles of the Democratic Party
  • to aid in the election of suitable Democratic candidates for office
  • to assist in the promotion and development of good government, whether national, state, county, or municipal

Given these, we serve to represent the Democratic party in Caldwell to other local residents and to the larger Essex County Democratic Committee. We endorse Democratic candidates for local, county, state, and federal office. We are proud of our party’s heritage, mindful of historical blindspots, and eager to meet the challenges that lay before us.